Geico Camel on Hump Day

Kat B —  May 25, 2013 — Leave a comment


One of the musicians at the end of the commercial asks how happy are people when they switch to Geico and save huge amounts of money on car insurance? Almost immediately, the other answers, “I’d say about as happy as a camel on Wednesday.”

Oh yeah, and there’s a camel in this video, strolling happily through an office area, singing the praises of Hump Day, a.k.a. Wednesday. Everyone who has ever had to work a Monday to Friday job knows exactly how horrific Wednesday really is: you’ve made it past everything Monday and Monday Lite (also known as Tuesday) can throw at you, but there are still two more workdays left to go before that all important weekend comes around again. Sometimes the weekend never seems further away than it is on Wednesday mornings.

If there was anyone, anyone, in my office singing the praises of Wedne sday like this camel–if I might speak bluntly–it would be on. There are people in the building I work in who are as likely as not to duct tape someone to a chair for doing something like that. We’re seriously about our workplace Wednesday gripes, after all.

But even in the overall weirdness of all the places I have ever worked, I have yet to see a camel in the workplace–or actually anywhere outside a zoo, to be honest. I have to be honest and say the zoo camels didn’t look nearly as happy as this Geico camel does.

Is that the right way to put that: Geico camel? Because he’s starting to make me wish to see the Geico Gecko again.